Melissa Belli, MD

Founder and CEO

I have been practicing family medicine for 17 years, throughout my career I have dealt with prenatal care, postpartum care, pediatrics and the full spectrum of family medicine. I have experienced personally and professionally the hardships of motherhood and have seen its effects on the bodies and minds of women and children throughout their lives. I feel strongly that mothers are a medically underserved population and that we are missing a unique opportunity to make the world a better place and relieve a great part of human suffering.

Amy Stober, PhD

Clinical Psychologist

I am a licensed psychologist in Portland, OR. My current work involves promoting resilience for families, healthcare entities, schools, businesses and individuals. I am a keynote speaker, consultant, coach and mentor to families, healthcare leaders, teachers and businesses. I speak and train on local and national levels. I am endorsed in early childhood mental health and pediatric health. I serve as a member of the Healthcare Reform Taskforce for the Oregon Psychological Association.

As well, I developed a curriculum regarding resilience and interventions to mitigate the effects of childhood adversity. I am a statewide and national trainer on childhood trauma, trauma-informed care and resilience. My current work is promoting resilience within systems such as schools, pediatric medical homes, hospitals, law enforcement agencies and other multi-disciplinary teams.  

Carlota B. Butler, Bs

Director, Product Marketing & Strategic Alliances

With more than fourteen years of experience in Wealth Management, and project management, from a multi-cultural background, extensive world-travel and International Banking experience, Carlota is accustomed to presenting custom investment programs and solutions within different cultures and environments. Her strong business acumen has led her to challenge herself branching out into new markets and cultures, becoming a trusted source to her customers and peers.

Throughout her professional career she has also developed vast experience volunteering in different philanthropic organizations and personal charities.

Jennifer Hanis Martin, PhD

Research Advisor & Pilot Manager

Jennifer Hanis-Martin, PhD, is a sociologist in Portland, OR. Her research interests include work-family balance, the role expectations and conflicts around motherhood, and sport and leisure. Her dissertation, Women and Children First – In That Order: Making Sense of the Athletic Pursuits of Middle Class Mothers, studied the athletic pursuits of mothers, including the cultural and logistic contexts of participating in dedicated sports pursuits while raising young children, the strategies for participation as well as the barriers, and the meanings given to these activities by the women themselves. She has spent her career in research administration in the fields of work-family balance, education research, and health and aging research.